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Welcome to Stincilla, a rather new community that wants to see ORIGINAL STENCILS. Please don't post the regular guns with hearts, robots, and dinos. You will definitely not be approved, even if they are clean. And when you're applying DON'T PUT THOSE IN YOUR SUBMISSIONS. If you've done them fine, just don't bother us with them. Stincilla is open to all kinds of stencillers whether you are a beginner or not. So... Go on to the rules before applying.

"The Rules":

1. For your first post (your application), post:
- Subject name: Application or something to that effect just cuz... We'd like to know? lol.
- Your Name and an introduction? Just a name and age is fine. We're interested to see the many poeple, of all ages, who stencil. Just a stupid little fact thing. And name so I don't call you xoxo_432 or someting like that.
- If you did not make those stencils please tell us, no ripping off here.
- And examples of work (at least 2 good, original stencils.

Only your stencils are judged. It's nice if we know your name and stuff.

2. All kinds of stencils are cool like street stencils, stuff on shirts. we're here for variety and uniqueness.

4. When showing pictures use LJ-Cuts, if you don't know what an LJ Cut is look it up in the FAQ. That's what it's there for.

5. Only Mods can approve you.

6. Critisim is welcome. Just don't be bitchy and bash people.

Any Questions, use the email above. If we get the same five questions OVER AND OVER, they will be here, so please check this page if your question hasn't been answered.

Your loverly Mods,

dezziner and killermachines